Bitcoin Marriages in the Park

On the second day in Finsbury Park, we installed and performed our now well known Bitcoin Marriages outside Furtherfield Gallery’s exhibition ‘New World Order’. Visitors to the gallery as well as passers-by in the park got married on the blockchain – a ceremony conducted on the installed devices by our very own Blockchain priest and celebrated with party poppers.

Some participants entered into conceptual nuptials, such as Matt marrying the Means of Production, a Table being wedded to a Chair as well as a Human, or Bettina marrying tree w6xcv7tf of the autonomous Terra0 forest (part of the exhibition inside the gallery). This is showing that with the increasing digital developments of cryptocurrencies not only people can own wallets and start joining (socio)economic unions for mutual benefits.

Other participants married their friends or family members while debating the meaning of a blockchain union and the future of banking and currency. Ranging from groups of friends, couples and a child marrying her dog to a father joining his children in Bitcoin matrimony while explaining these current technological developments to his children aged 3 to 12 which will have a direct impact on their future interactions with money.