KASH cups

KASH cups is an interactive system of coffee cups, which aims to reveal new opportunities for the design of value systems. Use value, economic value and social value, are often disguised in the habitual processes of using money as a representation of value. The KASH Cups, a collection of RFID augmented ceramic cups, reveals these values. The material artefacts (cups) and their programmable functionality changes the roles of people in value transactions, in such a way that social interactions can become currency. In doing so, this project challenges existing notions of currency and how interaction designers can rethink the relationships between people, money and things.

KASH cups was developed through the Design United Things2Things programme for the ESRC After Money Research Project and in use at two design conferences, at Dutch Design Week 2016 and Research Through Design 2017.

Conceptual design: Chris Speed and Tuen Verkerk
Cup Design: Katy West
NFC and KASH Cloud: Ferdinand Ginting Munthe
Modelling and integration: Mark Kobine
KASH Cloud graphics: Bettina Nissen
Coordination and documentation: Jane Macdonald