Prof. Chris Speed is Chair of Design Informatics at the University of Edinburgh and is one of the Principal Investigators on After Money. His research revolves around ideas of the Network Society, Digital Art and Technology, Digital Culture and The Internet of Things. Chris has sustained a critical enquiry into how network technology can engage with the fields of art, design and social experience through a variety of international digital art exhibitions, funded research projects, books, journals and conferences.

Prof. Jon Oberlander has been Professor of Epistemics at the University of Edinburgh since 2005 and is now the University’s Assistant Principal for Data Technology, Director of the Institute for Language, Cognition and Computation, and Co-Director of the Centre for Design Informatics. He is one of the Principal Investigators on After Money. His research involves getting computers to talk (or write) like individual people, studying how people express themselves – face to face or online – and building machines that can adapt themselves to people. He collaborates with linguists, psychologists, computer scientists and social scientists, and has long-standing interests in the uses of technology in cultural heritage and creative industries.

Bettina Nissen is a Research Associate on After Money and an interaction designer. With an AHRC funded PhD in Creative Exchange and Digital Cultures at Newcastle University and her background in product design and digital fabrication, Bettina’s practice-based research explores how audiences can be engaged with data through tangible interactions.

Shaune Oosthuizen is a Research Associate on After Money and a Digital Creative, a designer of websites, builder of interactive installations and maker of things.